CNPS 10X Optima



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Powerful Cooling Performance

Optimally designed aluminum fins disperse heat away from the CPU via 4 heatpipes, while switching noise free, high capacity 120mm fan quickly cools the heatsink for stable operation of high performance CPUs.

※ Heat Displacement Area: 6,553㎠

※ `Switching Noise` is the high frequency harmonic noise that can result from voltage regulation.

Shark`s Fin Blade / Dual Fan Support

Optimized for maximum airflow, Shark`s Fin Blade Fan greatly reduces the turbulence caused by fan rotation, thus decreasing the noise and vibration while increasing the airflow. The heatsink is designed to mount one or two fans according to the users` preferences.

Differentiated Design

Direct Touch Heatpipe (DTH) Base Direct Touch Heatpipe (DTH) Base technology transfers the CPU`s heat directly to heatpipes, thereby minimizing heat resistance and maximizing cooling performance.

Compatible with Mid Tower Case (180mm Width)

For optimum case compatibility the heatsink`s height is set to 152mm which ensures compatibility with case width of 180mm or greater.


Versatile Compatibility

CNPS10X Optima accommodates a broad range of sockets.
– Intel LGA1155 / 1156 / 1150 / 1366 / 775
– AMD FM2 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2

High Performance Super Thermal Grease

The high performance super thermal ZM-STG2M maximizes heat transfer from the CPU to the base of CNPS10X Optima for intensified cooling performance.



Common Components

– CNPS10X Optima
– Shark`s Fin Blade Fan
– Backplate
– Side Caps
– Bolts
– Nuts
– Fan Fixing Clips
– Loading Block
– Thermal Grease(ZM-STG2M)
– Double-Sided Tape
– User`s Manual

Components for Intel

– Intel Clip

Component for AMD

– AMD Clip A